Our Background

CHILL Academy is an affiliate of the Minnesota CHILL Foundation (“CHILL”) – which is a non-profit organization that provides academic programming to educate and prepare student athletic scholars for future success. CHILL was launched in 2011 by founders Chuck and Cindy Hill. The Hills have a long-standing and demonstrated history of care, generosity, and compassion for youth in the community through their various academic/athletic platforms.

To further build upon their legacy of promoting athletic & academic excellence within the community, the Hill family created the CHILL Academy, geared for youth in the K-8th grades. This new Academy is designed to take the youth participants through a 9-month afterschool program that will focus on improving math, reading, money management, and social/life skills.

As a non-profit and community-conscious organization, CHILL will take a collaborative approach to establish resources and partnerships with various sectors throughout the Twin Cities – as well as pursue funding through private corporate, foundation, grants, and individual contributions/donations to design and support programming that meets the needs of each youth individually, and collectively.

Our Commitment

CHILL Academy is committed to creating a physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially safe learning and development environment for ALL participants. Our focus is to empower youth (referred to as “scholars”) in the areas of: academics, social/emotional, and life skills. We believe these are the necessary skills that will help our scholars and their families to experience the following benefits:

Our people

Our scholars cannot do this alone; it takes a village to raise a child! Our leadership and staff, led by Chuckie and Marcus Hill, understand and value the importance of building a community of positive role models for our youth, and their surrounding community/village. We are comprised of skilled teachers/staff who are dedicated and well-equipped to effectively teach, model, and reinforce expected behavior of lifelong learning in and outside the classroom. We believe this teaching method will increase the level of engagement and sense of community within the classroom.

Our Approach

We believe that a more wholistic approach to educating scholars in our specified grade-range is the most effective for their academic, physical, and mental/emotional wellness, growth, and development. To aid us in accomplishing these desired positive outcomes, our scholars and their families will have the opportunity to participate in the following components:

1. Culturally Relevant Teaching and Research-Based Academic Skill-Building

2. Parent Engagement 3. Health and Wellness 4. Student Athlete Preparation

For more information and descriptions about our educational components, click here:

Our Parents ~ Our Partners

CHILL Academy recognizes that parents are the scholars FIRST teachers and we are committed to provide adult and evening classes and workshops to help address their needs in these critical areas:
  • Healthcare
  • Jobs
  • Housing
  • General and Special Education Advocacy
  • Budgeting
  • Retirement
  • Insurance
  • Mental health supports
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities

CHILL Academy will provide childcare during adult and evening classes – as well as provide any additional assistance and support for our families – so, they can optimize their level of participation and engagement while building community and unity.

Our Aim ~ Our Goal

Ultimately, our aim is to provide a “gateway” to a positive future for our scholars, their families and the greater community. We want to have an awareness of and be intentional with…
  • listening to and addressing their needs
  • finding community partnerships and opportunities for our families to have access to resources and support-systems
  • encouraging and empowering them to be full and active participants while on the road to successful living

    Our goal is to build a community-minded village of people who share our heart and passion for the support and well-being of children/youth–and are willing to assist us with our efforts through either volunteering their time, talents, and skills and/or via monetary donations.

    If you fit this description, here are ways by which you can join our “Gateway to Success” village... VOLUNTEER - DONATE